Compliance Testing.

AFM offers comprehensive compliance services. We employ qualified technicians and tradesmen who deliver to high standards. Our team is able to design an ongoing preventative maintenance programme as well as solve any immediate issues which may arise. We have extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of the job.

Portable Appliance Testing

To protect your staff and office infrastructure, from faulty electrical items, a series of visual and electrical tests are carried out by our teams.

Fixed Wired Testing

All electrical circuits require full load testing and inspections every 3 - 5 years, in accordance with H&S regulations.

Air Quality Testing

AFM can provide bacteria tests and survey options to check the quality of the fresh air within your building.

Potable Water Testing

If your building has any form of hot or cold water storage systems, then you are required to test and sample the water. AFM acredited teams can manage required testing and sampling of water in hot and cold storage water storage systems.

Thermal Inspections

Our state of the art thermal camera will identify any potential fire risks in your building by locating hot spots on fuse boards and cabling.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting in offices must be tested at regular intervals, to ensure correct operation and lighting levels are in place in case of emergency.

 Fire Alarm Testing

AFM will carry out weekly and monthly bell testing and device checks, to ensure that the systems are fully operational.

Health and Safety Audits

AFM and our partners will survey your building and report any health and safety issues in relation to risks to 3rd party contractors.

F Gas Regulations

Air conditioning systems now require specific monitoring checks for leakages and chemical record keeping, to comply with regulations.

 Air Tightness

Pressure and room integrity checks are required in computer rooms fitted with suppresent fire fighting chemicals.

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