AFM offers comprehensive Drainage Services. We employ qualified technicians and tradesmen who deliver to high standards. Our team is able to design an ongoing preventative maintenance programme as well as solve any immediate issues which may arise. We have extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of the job.

Urinal Cleaning

Urinal & sink cleaning to prevent build up of scale in pipe  work.

Jetting Drains

Drain cleaning twice a year to prevent any fat and scale build up.

Pressure Washing

Jetting of building and pathways to prevent algae and moss build up on  surfaces.

Downpipe Inspections

Clean and inspect down pipes, to make sure they are running clear.

Gutter Cleaning

Clean and inspect gutters to make sure they are running clear and no  leaves are blocking outlets

French Drain Cleaning

French drain and gully cleaning to prevent any build up of silt, rubbish,  etc.

Manhole Cover Inspections

Manhole cover inspections to include checks for cracks, rust, bedding,  etc.

Pit Inspections

Inspections are carried out on pit walls, interceptors and also check methane  level.

24 Hour Callout

Our 24 hour callout team are available to attend to all your emergency  calls.

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