On your journey to net zero?

On your journey to net zero?

Here are five tips to reduce the carbon footprint of your commercial office:

1. Reduce the temperature of the office in winter and increase in summer. 

A small variance of 1⁰C could reduce your energy consumption by 5% and you may not even notice it.

2. Keep a record of your energy and water consumption and track the trends. 

Unexpected changes can quickly highlight issues with plant and equipment as well as the current maintenance regimes. 

3. Regularly maintain heating and cooling systems with planned preventative maintenance (PPM) carried out by suitably qualified technicians. 

Poorly maintained systems lose their efficiency with a resultant increase in energy consumed. 

4. Switch your lighting to modern LED fittings.

Lighting can be a significant contributor to your electricity usage. LED’s can not only save you money to run, but also require less frequent replacement. 

5. Make sure your building control systems are set up properly. 

Do you require your air conditioning, heating and lighting to be running to maintain the desired comfort level when the building is not being used? Building control systems, set up properly, can produce huge savings in energy consumption and cost.

.…..and remember, AFM have fully qualified CIBSE Engineers, are registered CIBSE Low Carbon Consultants (Low Carbon Consultant (LCC) (cibsecertification.co.uk)) and are here to help.