Computer Room Audit Services.

The AFM Computer Room Audit service provides valuable information to the safe operation of your computer room. Imagine for a moment the consequences of a power or air conditioning failure in your computer centre, angry customers, lost business, the total loss could be counted in the millions, and your business may take months to recover. Unlike other environments, computer rooms are unique in that they are continuously evolving.

Hot Spot Location

With our state of the art thermal imaging camera, we are able to detect  potential heat overloads of your equipment, before a potential shut down occurs.  The existing air conditioning systems are evaluated against these hot spots, to  provide the necessary cooling.

Phase Loadings

With AFM’s electrical monitoring plant, we are able to evaluate the mains  power serving your computer equipment is correctly phased and balanced, in order  to prevent potential power breakdown.

Electrical Consumption

How much is your current computer and associated equipment costing in energy  consumption, due to the constant operation of a computer room? Running costs can  be as high as 50% of the overall building. AFM can provide accurate load checks  and advise on energy savings.

Room Integrity Testing

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