AFM’s working to save lives from unsafe automated gates

AFM’s working to save lives from unsafe automated gates

AFM is playing an active part in an action campaign designed to dramatically improve the safety of automated gates in the Channel Islands.

The Door & Hardware Federation's (DHF) Automated Gate Group has announced that October is 'Gate Safety Month' where AFM and fellow DHF Automated Gate Group members will be campaigning hard to raise awareness of the risks associated with automated gates.

For its part in the campaign, AFM will be offering to do free checks for new or existing clients.

Managing Director, Mark Edgar said, “Powered and automated gates are more and more frequently becoming part of the design of commercial, public and multiple occupancy buildings. Unfortunately, the industry has faced problems with poorly installed and maintained powered gates, leading to accidents in the last few years, and sadly fatalities. 

It has been recognized in the industry that more than two thirds of all automated gates installed in the UK could potentially pose a serious safety risk and they do not comply with latest UK legislation.  Even more worrying is the fact that unsafe installations are still being carried out by unqualified installers and gate companies who are quite willing to take dangerous short cuts in both gate manufacture and installation.  We are the only DHF Accredited company in the Channel Islands and we really want to raise the awareness on safety of this equipment.

We are extremely keen to encourage users and owners to check the operation and condition of their powered gates, and anyone thinking of installing this equipment to engage with us so that we can ensure that they have the correct specification, supply, installation and operation of any equipment. At AFM, we have a team of qualified installers to ensure that no one gets hurt. Most people don’t recognise how dangerous this equipment can be, the fact is that there is a whole month dedicated to safety awareness and we want to ensure that no one ever gets hurt.”

For more information on automated gates or to book your free check please contact:

Guernsey: Wayne Harwood on 01481 252111 or email Wayne:

Jersey: Chris Pinch on 01534 877688 or email Chris: