Donation of weighted blankets to Wigwam Support Group

Donation of weighted blankets to Wigwam Support Group

Our Guernsey charity partner Wigwam were extremely grateful to receive two weighted blankets which were donated to them as part of AFMs ongoing community support for 2019.

Wigwam selected the weighted blankets which are a safe and effective therapeutic solution, helping sensory seeking children and adults calm their body, helping aid a peaceful night’s sleep. The extra weight can help to relieve anxiety and stress, easing the transition and helping to prevent melt-downs and repetitive behaviours.

This specialised blanket often helps those with Autism and associated Sensory Processing Disorder by providing soothing weighted blanket sensory input. In addition to being used at night, they can be used in a sensory room, classroom or simply chilling out at home.

A massive thanks to Industrial & Leisure Clothing Ltd in Guernsey who helped make this happen by the kind donation of their printing services.

The blankets will be available to members and other charitable organisations on a try-before-you-buy initiative, allowing members of our local community to trial the blankets to ensure they are effective before purchasing their own.

For more information about Wigwam and the support services they provide, please visit their website: