Employee Long Service celebrated at AFM during July 2018

Employee Long Service celebrated at AFM during July 2018

AFM have celebrated a number of work anniversaries during July 2018.

Chris Leach, Director has served the Company for 25 years, whilst Pete Bourgaize, a Guernsey based Building Fabric Supervisor celebrated 15 years’ service at the Company.

Steven Teed, an Electrician from our Guernsey Projects Team reached the 10 years milestone at AFM.

‘I would like to thank each of the team for their continued efforts. AFM have a number of employees who have remained loyal to AFM across the Channel Islands and it is important to us that key work anniversaries are celebrated. We also hold an employee loyalty celebration each year, which is a thank you from the business to all of our long servicing staff’ Mark Edgar, Managing Director.

In recognition of their contribution, each of the employees were presented with a long service award and a bottle of champagne.

AFM Employee Loyalty Club

All employees that exceeded 10 years’ service at AFM automatically become a member of our exclusive AFM Employee Loyalty Club. All club members are invited to attend an annual loyalty celebration, a thank you to all staff who have been employed at AFM for 10 years or more.