Here is your sneak preview of new lighting at The Little Chapel in Guernsey.

Here is your sneak preview of new lighting at The Little Chapel in Guernsey.

AFM Guernsey’s exciting community support project is about to reach its first milestone as we near completion of phase one, where power to the building and subtle lighting have been installed to the upper floor of the iconic Little Chapel.

AFM have been supported by local supplier CI Lighting and lighting manufacture Collingwood Lighting who have gifted materials for the project, whilst sister company Geomarine has assisted with the installation of ductwork for cable runs.

Mark Edgar, managing director of AFM, thanked his staff and suppliers who are helping with the project. ‘the team involved here in Guernsey are excited as we near completion of phase one of this important local project,’ said Mr Edgar.

John Silvester, chairman of The Little Chapel Foundation, said: ‘The very generous support we have received from AFM has enabled us to show the public that we are keen to produce a quality tourist attraction as well as restoring an Island gem.’

On Sunday 25 March 2018, the Bailiff and Little Chapel patron Sir Richard Collas, will preview the work completed to date and express his thanks to those who are supporting the restoration of the chapel. The chapel will open to the public on Sunday 1 April 2018.

The next steps for AFM will include the installation of lighting in the lower floor and external lighting. The project also involves the installation of a power supply to the building, socket outlets and speaker cabling.

The Little Chapel Foundation was established in 2016 and they continue to undertake substantial fundraising work to complete the restoration and refurbishment of the chapel.