Sound Insulation and Environmental Noise Measurement.

Guernsey Building Regulations demand that new domestic buildings have a minimum level of sound insulation, as detailed in Technical Standard E "Resistance to the passage of sound".

Sound insulation

Where properties are attached, sound insulation is very important for the comfort of occupants. Building Regulations require minimum insulation standards for separating elements such as walls and floors; Technical Standard E gives details of these acceptable levels and approvedtesting methods. AFM can offer  a fully compliant testing service using Institute of Acoustics (TechIOA) technicians. 

Environmental noise measurement

Before any external noise generating equipment is installed such as a/c condensers, heat pumps or  extract fans, there‚Äôs usually a need for planning approval. This often requires details of sound levels and proposed methods of noise attenuation.  As part of any  assessment, AFM can undertake environmental noise measurements to identify existing background levels as well as actual noise generated after installation.

With all our testing, our aim is to help clients achieve the required standards with an efficient, cost effective  and easy to use service.

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