Air Tightness Testing.

The air tightness of new houses and flats has a significant effect on energy efficiency and comfort for occupants. Building Regulations set a maximum level of air permeability that must not be exceeded. Technical Standard L lists ways of proving compliance with this requirement, which includes Air Tightness Testing.

AFM has ATTMA registered Air Tightness Testers who use calibrated equipment and work  to recognised procedures, they can also help with advice on how to comply with the standard. 

 With all our testing, our aim is to help clients achievethe required standards with an efficient, cost effective  and easy to useservice.



AFM can advise on potential leakage issues before testing and having trained staff based in Guernsey, we can respond quickly to requests for testing. Pre-completion Air Tightness testing in new dwellings is undertaken to confirm that air leakage into or out of new dwellings does not create excess energy use.

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