Fire & Security.

AFM offers a total fire & security service solution. We employ qualified technicians and tradesmen who deliver to high standards. Our experienced team are able to design, and install numerous types of systems and can provide ongoing preventative maintenance programmes as well as solve any immediate issues which may arise. We have extensive experience in dealing with all aspects of the job.

Fire Alarm Systems

Complete design and installation of all fire detection systems. Fixed or wireless systems to suit the building requirements.

We are also BAFE Register for the maintenance of Fire Alarm systems.

Access Control Systems

For all your internal or external doors, our team can install all forms of intercom and access control systems.

Intruder Alarm Systems

All forms of intruder alarm systems from infrared detection devices to vibration detection, our team can provide all levels of your intruder requirements and we are registered with the SSAIB so you can be confident that your alarm system complies with all the latest standards.

CCTV Systems

Our team is able to install all forms of CCTV cameras and associated recording equipment.

Monitoring of Alarms

Via our dedicated 24 hour monitoring desk, our team can be alerted to any fire or security alarms on your premises. Bespoke monitoring packages can be arranged.

Mist Systems

Our trained team can supply high pressure water mist system for use in Kitchens which can quickly supress a fire and cause minimum damage allowing the Kitchen to be back up and running with minimum down time.

BioMetric Systems

Our team can supply and install these new high level forms of security systems, which utilise fingerprint and eye scanning systems.

Disabled Call and Refuge Systems

Regulations require dedicated disabled call points and Refuge stations are provided, for the safe evacuation of disabled personnel from your building.

Gas Extinguishing Systems

To protect your valuable computer/storage rooms against potential fire damage.

 Electronic Article Surveillance

We can supply FM200, Novec & Inergen gaseous extinguishing systems to protect your valuable computer/storage rooms against potential fire damage.

24 hour Callout

Our 24 hour callout team are available to attend to all your emergency calls.

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